The Ultimate Guide to Machine Quilting

by Angela Walters & Christa Watson
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In this must-have resource, long-arm quilting expert Angela Walters and home sewing machine specialist Christa Watson team up to provide the ultimate guide to machine quilting. Gain insight into long-arm quilting, as well as guidance on quilting at a sit-down sewing machine. Whichever machine you use, you'll find warm encouragement and expert tips to help you every step of the way.

Techniques: piecing, applique, machine quilting, reference

10 projects, 144 color pgs Item No. 46342

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At first I wondered why there would be home sewing machine quilting and long-arm quilting in the same book. After reading through it, I can see why! Angela Walters talks about long-arm and Christa Watson talks about sit-down home sewing machine quilting. It is done in a very organized manner. You can tell by the color of the page who is writing. There are many similarities and many differences in the two methods of quilting. I found it interesting to read the long-arm advice, tips, and tricks, as well as the sit-down sewing machine advice even though I don’t do long arm quilting. I am a new home sewing quilter and can see myself using this great book as a terrific resource.

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