Fabric Designers

Winthur Sempliner

Surrounded by artistic influences, Winthur's childhood was spent drawing, painting, and sewing clothes for her dolls from her mother's fabric scraps. When it came time for college, she attended the Rhode Island School of Design where she majored in textile design. After graduating, Winthur was hired by a major home products manufacturer in NYC and several of her quilt designs were sold in large retailers like JC Penney's, Sears, Target, and Bed Bath & Beyond. In 2006, she moved to Oregon and started work with Pendleton Woolen Mills. Winthur joined Connecting Threads in 2014 and now lives in Portland with her husband and three daughters.

Country Essentials

When Connecting Threads first began designing, manufacturing, and selling our own exclusive fabrics online in 2007, Country Essentials was one of our original signature lines. It quickly became a favorite of traditional quilters with its country feel and colors and has since expanded to become its own brand.

Mamas Cottons

Mama’s Cottons was one of the first fabric collections that Connecting Threads designed back in the summer of 2007. Since then, Mama's Cottons had blossomed into a brand inspired by patterns from feed sacks and color palettes from the 1930s.

Jenni Calo

Jenni Calo is an accomplished artist who got her start in fabric design while working in New York City as an apparel designer. After almost 10 years of designing sleepwear and other clothing items, Jenni moved to Portland, Oregon where she landed as the in-house designer for Connecting Threads. Jenni worked as the sole designer for Connecting Threads for just over four years before moving back to New York in 2014. Jenni still collaborates with Connecting Threads on some of our exclusive collections and brings a unique flair to every fabric she works on. Jenni's designing ability is incredibly versatile; she has created collections that are loved by quilters from all backgrounds.

MaryJo Tuttle

As a Decorative Artist, MaryJo Tuttle of Tuttle's Touches usually paints on wood or other hard surfaces; she's thrilled to see her painted designs come to life in the form a fabric lines.

Lynette Anderson

Lynette Anderson has cultivated a worldwide following unparalleled by any other designer in the quilting industry. Whether you are a lover of embellishing, stitchery, patchwork design, quilting fabric, or a bit of everything rolled into one, Lynette offers a complete package. From her rural upbringing in rural Dorset, England, Lynette has always loved the country life. She learned sewing, knitting, embroidery and painting at a very early age under the instruction of her mother, Ruth, and both her grandmothers. She stumbled into the craft of quilt making while searching for a creative outlet when her three boys were small. Her interest soon grew into a thriving career in teaching and pattern designing, and eventually to the launch of her own business, Lynette Anderson Designs, which she continued to grow after migrating with her family to Australia in 1990.

Sarah Watts

Sarah Watts is a fabric designer, book illustrator, and licensing artist based in Atlanta, Georgia. After a nomadic childhood filled with characters and interesting narratives, she studied at Ringling College of Art and Design, and put her imagination to great use as an illustrator. Sarah's most recent adventures include skydiving, tattoos, and eloping in Vegas. Sewing has always been her favorite peaceful activity away from her sketch pad and computer. When she is not drawing or sewing she likes going thrifting and adventuring in nature with her awesome husband. Sarah finds bliss the smell of campfire and a good cup of black coffee.

Alexia Marcelle Abegg

Alexia Marcelle Abegg was born in Folsom, California. She has been inspired by her mother's and father's creativity and dedication to art throughout her life. An award-winning designer, artist, and writer, Alexia has always been fascinated with the art of sewing. She currently divides her time among creating patterns for their company, Green Bee Design and Patterns; teaching; making art; and writing.

Cotton + Steel

The fabrics housed under the Cotton + Steel name were designed by five reputable, well renowned designers in the industry: Alexia Marchelle Abegg, Kimberly Kight, Melody Miller, Rashida Coleman-Hale, and Sarah Watts. Each of these designers bring their own unique background and inspiring story and together they created Cotton + Steel.

Connecting Threads

Connecting Threads has built a reputation for producing gorgeous, high quality fabrics at unbeatable prices. Each of our exclusive fabrics are created according to our exacting standards and finished with out top-secret formula to create a flawless and amazingly soft finish. These fabrics are only available at Connecting Threads, and collection prints are only offered for a limited time.

Jody Houghton

Jody's artistic application is a life-long combination of skills, exhibiting her love for color, and arts and crafts. A detailed blending of watercolor paper, acrylic paint, stencil cutting, pen and ink detailing, and sewing and quilt design skills are revealed in her creations. Her work is truly an original technique of mixed media.

Batik Paradise

These vibrant batik fabrics are printed and hand-dyed on 100% cotton by skilled artisans in Java, Indonesia, a country that has been producing stunning Batik prints for thousands of years. Each design chosen for the Batik Paradise collection is meant to coordinate between our basic and limited edition lines and ultimately with the batiks in your stash.

Quilter's Candy

Quilter's Candy is a versatile group of basic flat cotton and flannel cotton fabrics designed to coordinate perfectly with Connecting Threads' limited-edition collections. Connecting Threads offers Quilter's Candy in Solids, Mottled Mirage, Basic Prints in flat cotton as well as Mottled Mirage and Basic Prints in flannel cotton. These designs are available year-round and are ideal for building your stash.

Anna Maria Horner

Anna Maria has been exhibiting paintings in galleries throughout her whole adult life. Regardless of the medium, the hallmark of Anna Maria's art is her masterful sense of color and her ease of composition. Her knack for versatility and desire to create beautiful things eventually turned her towards freelance product design and so in 2001, she created her own brand. Anna Maria's goal is simple: to create designs that make the consumer feel alive and well. She has a zeal for life and family, and is a busy mother of seven! Anna Maria and her husband, Jeff, make their home in Nashville, where she develops her art collections in her home studio. Juliana, Nicolas, Joseph, Isabela, Eleni, Roman, Mary Anna, and King Leo- the yellow lab keep life at an excitedly fast pace.

Allison Harris

Allison Harris is a Mom to 3 small children and the writer of the popular quilting blog Cluck Cluck Sew. She has a fresh take on quilting, with simple designs, saturated colors and modern color combinations. Allison has designed over 40 original quilt patterns, as well as written and contributed to books.

Lila Tueller

Lila Tueller has been sewing, drawing, painting, or creating in some form or another for most of her life. She began sewing at the age of 12 when her mother bought her her first sewing machine. After years of creating, Lila signed on to be a fabric designer with Riley Blake Designs, and the rest is history!

Rashida Coleman-Hale

Rashida Coleman-Hale has been making things ever since she can remember. She studied fashion design at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City. Not sure if fashion was her calling, she traded her sewing machine for a computer and worked as a freelance graphic designer. Her passion for sewing was rekindled in 2006 after the arrival of her first child, and she began the blog I Heart Linen to document her re-born creative life and her life as a stay-at-home mommy.

Valori Wells

Valori Wells and her mother Jean Wells are a well-known duo involved in quiltmaking, fabric design, and operating The Stitchin' Post in Sisters, Oregon. When Valori was in college, she and Jean began collaborating on quilting books with a garden flair. Valori's talents as a photographer captured nature at its best, and her inspirational images soon became the focus of her own distinctive quilting style. Her career came into full blossom when she began designing fabrics for the quilting industry. Valori returned to sisters to join her mother in managing the store.

Alex Anderson

One of the most beloved and influential faces in quilting today, Alex Anderson made her debut on the international quilting scene as the host of HGTV's long running series, Simply Quilts. With more than 30 top selling quilting titles under her belt, and the ongoing success of her online web TV program, The Quilt Show, Alex's personal mission is not only to share her love of quilting with anyone who will listen, but to educate and encourage those interested in the craft, so quilting can continue to be handed down from generation to generation. Alex shares, "It has been a very serendipitous journey. I feel so grateful and thankful to be working in an industry and with a craft that I love and enjoy as so many of you do." Alex resides in Northern California with her husband, John.

Deborah Edwards

Having parents involved in fashion design, Deborah was surrounded by textiles from a very young age. As a teen, she rummaged through flea markets and thrift stores looking for vintage textiles and lace, not realizing her passion for textiles would evolve into a life-long career starting with a degree in textile design from the Ontario College of Art and Design. For more than two decades she worked as VP of Design for an international company designing fabric, bedding, wall coverings and area rugs. Looking for a new challenge, she welcomed the opportunity to join Northcott as Design Director.

Violet Craft

Violet was born in the Old West into a ridiculously talented family of weekend artists and musicians. She was always drawn to art, craft and make-ing, but pursued her education in business and finance. As often happens, the birth of her first daughter compelled her to seek out her passion in design. Violet's first fabric collection debuted with Michael Miller Fabrics in Spring 2011 along with the first Violet Craft Distinctive Lifestyle Sewing Patterns. She teaches sewing and design workshops and is an active member of the Portland Modern Quilt Guild.

Amanda Jean Nyberg

Amanda Jean Nyberg shares her scrappy philosophy through her blog Crazy Mom Quilts and her book Sunday Morning Quilts, co-authored with Cheryl Arkison.
Pattern designer, fabric designer, speaker, and teacher, Amanda Jean loves to share and inspire. She has completed more than 260 quilts and can't wait to make 260 more! She lives in Minnesota with her husband and three children.

Elizabeth Hartman

Audrey Wright

Pattern and fabric designer Audrey Wright of Legacy Patterns offers a new twist on traditional living, creating classic fabric designs with a modern touch. "In designing collections, I start with colors. Blending them together in a focal piece or strong border print, and using many colors in the range. Next, I incorporate coordinating prints that accentuate the focal designs and add contrast to create depth and dimension. I love to encourage quilters to work with a group of fabrics that take them out of their comfort zone."

Whistler Studios

Whistler Studios is a design studio specializing in collections for today’s quilter. They feature designs addressing current trends found in today’s market place. Finding inspiration from fashion, home decor, photography, and vintage art, Whistler Studios artists seek to create timeless collections with broad appeal.

Felice Regina

I'm an illustrator and graphic designer living and working in my hometown of Houston, Texas. My creative, curious nature combined with my joy of learning has led me to develop a variety of skills including illustration (digital and traditional), web design, textile design, bookbinding, quilting, sewing, crochet, photography, and all things crafty. I'm a maker at heart, which is the focus of my craft blog, Sew Scatterbrained. My subjects and styles are as eclectic as my media, but cute and whimsical designs are what I enjoy most. In my free time, I enjoy video games and baking.

Heritage Classics

Beautiful fabric collections inspired by elegant and time honored fabric designs. Print designs are based on historical patterns and colored up in today’s most enticing hues.

RJR Studio

For 40 years, RJR has been dedicated to the art and craft of making the highest quality fabrics for the quilting industry. We make fabric so you can make quilts for the people you love. We are a family-run company, and there is care in every step of our process. Designed with a square frame that is reminiscent of the shape and border of a cherished quilt and painted with bold colors, our logo communicates the love and the passion we have for quilting.

Cheryl Arkison

With three kidlets running through the house, on top of an incredible barking dog, it is amazing that I get anything done. My compulsion to create is fueled by that chaos. Not only does my family, especially my daughters, inspire me to be true to myself, they drive me to create. In part so that they don’t drive me crazy! Whether at the end of the day, in the early morning darkness, or in a stolen moment of quiet I find joy and respite in fabric and words. My goal is to help you find the same thing. It might be in a magazine article, a quilt pattern, one of my books, or in a classroom - you can find your joy and peace too.

Lori Holt

Lori Holt's earliest memories are of sitting underneath the quilting frames and threading needles for her grandma and great aunts until she eventually grew old enough to make stitches of her own. She is drawn to stacks of colorful fabrics, pretty papers, aprons, buttons, embroidery, old dishes, gingham, polka dots, sprinkles, glitter and all things vintage. She has her own company, Bee in my Bonnet, which she began in 1994. Her wish is for her designs to inspire others to create and instill the desire to pass down the valuable lessons of days gone.

Melissa Mortenson

Melissa Mortenson is the writer behind the Polka Dot Chair blog where she shares craft and sewing ideas with readers. She is the mother of three who grew up in Salt Lake City but is now happy to call Kentucky home. She attended BYU majoring in Biology. While in college she was introduced to Art and Design by her husband who was at the time an Industrial Design major. Even though she never changed her major, she began taking Art classes and found that she had a great love for color and design.

Jill Howarth

Jill is a graphic designer/art director turned illustrator who loves to work with all things kids! Born in a small log cabin during the great depression, she resolved to dedicate herself to the preservation of the visual arts. She stumbled into a career in illustration. As senior designer and then art director at Hasbro Toys, she embellished collateral and product packaging layouts with fun little drawings. Requests for these illustrations added up and, before she knew it, she was doing more drawing and less layout design. And she liked it!

Gerri Robinson

Gerri Robinson started Planted Seed Designs in 2005 after a career in sales and marketing. Gerri tries to capture a classic feel in her fabric designs by updating reproduction prints in colors and scales that work in today’s home decor. Her quilt designs lean toward the classic, with an emphasis on stars and pinwheels (her two favorite block elements). In 2015 She launched PSD2, a new division of Planted Seed Designs, after her three adult sons challenged her to create fabrics and quilts for them. This meant fabrics with no flowers or leaves and quilts with no stars or pinwheels. At first she wasn’t sure she was up to the task, but once she got started, the ideas began to flow. Gerri thinks of PSD2 as Pure and Simple Designs for a new generation. These two divisions allow her to express herself in similar but different ways in fabric and quilt designs.

Sue Penn

Sue Penn grew up loving everything about art and creating. Her grandmother was her biggest cheerleader and paid for six years of drawing and painting classes. In her early twenties, she began a love affair with sewing, quilting, and all things fabric. Sue has been designing fabric for almost twenty years. Her first love is color. She is often inspired by her extensive collection of vintage and antique fabrics.

Sarah Aspinall

Sarah Aspinall has been drawing all her life, and she loves to paint as much as her little penguins do! The oldest of eight children, she grew up in the English countryside; later she came to the U.S. and graduated with a degree in illustration from the Rhode Island School of Design. Over the years, Sarah’s work has included the creation of fabric designs, costumes, props, characters, and designs for children’s television, animation, and theatre. Her work has been exhibited in London, Mexico, and various cities in the U.S. She currently lives in Los Angeles with her mischievous black cat, Mugglewump. You can visit her at www.sarahaspinallcreates.com and find her on Instagram as @sarahaspinallcreates.

Liberty London

Famous among sewists for their signature cotton lawn fabrics, Liberty of London is a legendary English department store, founded in 1875 by Arthur Lasenby Liberty. We are thrilled to present English Garden, Liberty's first line of quilting-weight fabric. This new collection features their renowned ditsy and calico floral prints on premium, 100% cotton fabric. We think you'll love the contemporary palette and exceptional hand of this collection as much as we do!