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Our Shake It Up! Flannel fabric is just about the cutest thing you will see all year! With happy little snowmen sitting contently in their little snow globes while snow falls all around, this collection is sure to bring a smile to your face. The best part? Because this snowman-inspired group is in our luscious flannel, it will keep you warm all winter long.


Flannel 5533
Closeout! Mirage Flannel (Kelly)
Mirage Flannel Kelly $7.16 / yd Retail: $8.96   20% off

Flannel 5559
Closeout! Swirls Flannel (Red)
Swirls Flannel Red $7.16 / yd Retail: $8.96   20% off

Flannel 5527
Closeout! Mirage Flannel (Black)
Mirage Flannel Black $7.16 / yd Retail: $8.96   20% off

Flannel 5541
Closeout! Polka Dot Flannel (Cherry)
Polka Dot Flannel Cherry $7.16 / yd Retail: $8.96   20% off


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Essential Quilting Thread 100% cotton - Ocean Mist $2.79