Are the colors I see on the website really the right colors?

When we photograph images of fabric and books, we do our absolute best to achieve the highest level of color accuracy and image sharpness we can without compromising how quickly the images will appear on your screen. You should see our photographers and designers sitting at their computers holding fabric up to their screens and squinting for hours trying to get the colors perfect. It's really quite a sight.

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee how images appear to you. Every computer system and monitor displays color differently. If you've ever been in an electronics store, you may have noticed how the same television program looks different on various display televisions. Think of your computer system in the same way. A green will probably never appear blue, but it may be difficult to tell the difference between a blue-green and a turquoise. Some images may also appear darker than the item will actually be in real life.

If you are dissatisfied with how color displays on your computer, we recommend discussing it with a qualified professional. It is possible to improve color accuracy on your computer- it may require only simple tweaking of your display settings or it may necessitate the purchase of new software or hardware.