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Cut the Scraps
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Is your stash taking over your sewing room and your life? Joan has a seven step program to organize your stash and 20 gorgeous projects to use up your stash! There are fabulous quilts, bags, wall hangings, table runners, and more for you to a make out of your treasured scraps! Be brave, take the first step, and start using that stash.

Techniques: piecing, basic sewing, and applique
20 projects - 202 color pgs.
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What a fantastic book! I read it from cover to cover. If you are like me and you've got a big box of rumpled, random fabric bits bursting at the seams in your stash, you will love Joan's simple and practical approach to organizing and using up those scraps. I especially love that she practices what she preaches. It's not just talk about "scrap busting projects" but then the projects shown all use pre-cuts from the same collection. No, Joan's book is full of genuine scrap quilt projects she made that are absolutely inspiring. She also gives a lot of options for how to make the projects work for your particular scraps. This is a book I'll be referring to again and again as my quilting skill (and my scrap collection) grows.