Books » EQ 8 Drawing Blocks
Books » EQ 8 Drawing Blocks

EQ 8 Drawing Blocks
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If you want to draw your own blocks in EQ8, this is the book for you! Experienced EQ educator, Kari Schell, takes you step-by-step through each of the drawing styles available in EQ8. You'll learn skills for both pieced and applique drawing while filling your Sketchbook with beatutiful blocks! From drawing a simple nine patch to creating a beautiful floral applique wreath, this book will take your drawing skills to the next level.
Spiral bound, 160 color pgs.
Item no. 46777
In the past I have played around a bit with drawing and editing blocks in EQ8. EQ8 Drawing Blocks will be a great resource to continue learning the basics of drawing blocks. There are three major block styles: EasyDraw, PolyDraw, and Applique. Each chapter works with these different styles of drawing, with the lessons moving forward through the chapter building on the previous lessons. One of the lessons shows tracing a leaf from a photo and making a foundation pattern for paper-piecing. I can't wait to try that!