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Hayley Crouse of Welcome to the Mouse House Fabrics

Hayley Crouse has always been a creative energy, never stopping at just one project. Since childhood, she would dream up new ideas and spend hours figuring out ways to make them a reality, learning many lessons along the way. Learning to sew at age five helped her focus her ideas. She would be seen designing clothing for her many dolls and eventually, designing her childhood bedroom, including the curtain fabric, duvet and pillows. Interior design is one of Hayley's biggest passions and was one of her first college majors. After graduating from college and experiencing several years in the workforce, Hayley excitedly became a stay at home mother of two beautiful children. During that time, she started a creative blog - Welcome to the Mouse House - and worked very hard to fulfill her dreams of founding a clothing line, a sewing pattern line, and now a fabric line. There are so many unknown opportunities out there and she is very excited to see what happens next.
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