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Fast & Furious
by Gudrun Erla
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Who doesn't like to get a project done quickly from start to finish? Whether it is putting together a quick gift or something fresh to decorate your table for a party the next day. All of the projects in this book have quick construction in common. They are all done with a "quilt as you go" method which speeds up the process of making quilts and is very simple. You will find great variety of smaller projects in this book; table runners, placemats, baby quilts, coasters, and bags. Seventeen fast and furious projects for any occasion!
Techniques: piecing
17 patterns - 28 color pgs..
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I’ve made a few of Gudrun’s quilt-as-you-go table runners from previous patterns she has released, and they were very fun.  So I was very excited to see that she had a whole book of quilt-as-you-go projects!  In fact, I am doing a quilt along using this book!  She has 17 lovely projects to choose from, including table runners, bags, placemats, coasters and crib quilts.  I’m making at least four of them for the quilt along, and probably more!  The best thing is that the projects are put together and quilted at the same time, so all that’s left to do after they are pieced is bind them and enjoy!  Out of the 17 projects, 12 of them can use precut fabric packs, which makes the projects live up to the fast part of the book title.  

Now you can be Fast & Furious for the Holidays too – Gudrun’s next editions Fast & Furious Holiday Quilting as You Go is also available.