Tools » Hang It Dang It - Medium
Tools » Hang It Dang It - Medium

Hang It Dang It - Medium
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Hang your quilts easily and straight every time with this new quilt hanger. You only need one nail to hang your quilt. Simply slip the adjustable rod into the hanger sleeve on the back of your quilt, clip on the hanger bracket and pop your quilt on the wall. Holds up to 40lbs. A centered, adjustable bracket naturally balances the quilt.
35" to 63".
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By Valerie on November 12, 2018
I LOVE these. I now have 6 quilts hanging throughout my house, each one on a 1" nail and a hangitdangit. I filled in all those ghastly holes I have made over the years trying to hang my quilts every way possible. Great price too!!