Books » Jo's Little Favorites II
Books » Jo's Little Favorites II

Jo's Little Favorites II
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Jo Morton returns with another collection of favorite patterns that you'll be delighted to stitch. Whether you have a handpicked collection of reproduction fabrics just waiting to shine or want to discover new favorites, you'll love sewing and displaying each pretty little patchwork gem! Decorate your home with little quilts--artfully styled photos will inspire you. Improve your accuracy with Jo's tips for precise patchwork sewing. Helpful hints include instructions about how to quilt each eye-catching project.

Techniques: piecing, applique
15 projects, 80 color pgs.
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Jo Morton, a longtime quilt maker, book author, fabric designer, teacher, and lecturer, is known for making quilts that look like they were made in the 1800s. As a follow-up to Jo’s Little Favorites, her current book Jo’s Little Favorites II offers fifteen more classic small quilts based on antique quilt designs. The smallest quilt is 11” x 12-3/4” and the largest is 49-1/2” x 55-1/2” - with most in the middle of that range.

Why small quilts? The author says she decided a long time ago the only way she would be able to make all the quilts she wanted to in her lifetime would be to make small quilts. Also, little quilts work well for home décor in her tiny 1929 bungalow; they can be draped, hung, and folded to add color and texture throughout the home. This approach appeals to me! Like many quilters today, other than an occasional bed quilt, I enjoy making small quilts to decorate my home. This allows me to try more designs and techniques and finish projects despite a hectic schedule.

Jo’s Little Favorites II ends with a helpful section called Jo’s Favorite Techniques for Little Quilts. She provides hints for accurate cutting and piecing, her trick for getting seam intersections to lay flat, and instructions for appliqué including back basting. The author encourages quilts to be used, displayed, and enjoyed. For each quilt, lovely photos show the quilt displayed with collectibles – in baskets, on walls, and draped on furniture. I look forward to adding Jo’s Little Favorites II to my quilt library as a source of inspiration for making more little quilts. Even though the book favors traditional fabrics and color palette, I can easily envision fun small quilts in more contemporary fabrics.