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Josephine's Guest House Quilt
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The second novel in the East Perry County Series, this book's character Kate Meyr continues to be charmed by the beauty of Borna, Missouri. After encouragement from her friends Clark and Ellie, she decides to turn her home into a guest house. Wanting to acknowledge Dr. Paulson and his wife, Josephine, whose spirit still haunts the home, she names her new business after her. Kate commissions a quilt to be made by her friend Ruth Ann to hang in the entry hall for guests to sign. Everything seems to be coming together and guests are intrigued by Josephine's presence, but why do some of the guests' names disappear from the signature quilt and some remain?
312 pgs, novel, book two in the east perry county series.
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By Henry on February 4, 2019
The writing leaves something to be desired. It's a slow and tedious read. I couldn't connect to the characters and just had a hard time reading it. Usually I can finish a book like this in a few hours. It took me a few days to read it. I also had 3 others from this series and it was the same way with them as well. And if one more female character said the words yeah girlfriend or any variation of the word I was gonna scream! It was overused SO much. The entire series had such promise. But i felt like the story never really goes anywhere.