Tools » Kraft-tex Roll - Kraft Paper Fabric - Blue - Turquoise
Tools » Kraft-tex Roll - Kraft Paper Fabric - Blue - Turquoise

Kraft-tex Roll - Kraft Paper Fabric - Blue - Turquoise
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Hand-dyed and prewashed in Italy, this incredible paper product combines the best of leather and fabric! It's durable and textured like leather, but made of a paper product that can be cut, sewn, and washed like fabric. It can be embossed, embroidered, painted, dyed, drawn on, and more. Perfect for bringing an exciting new texture to sewing projects! Prewashed Kraft-tex is supple yet strong enough to use for projects that get tough wear.
18-1/2" x 28-1/2", blue - turquoise.
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By Normajean Brevik on August 21, 2018
Simply the most versital product in my studio. Soft and more leather like with washing and use. Stitches through like butter, takes to paint, embossing, folding, cutting, gluing, slashing, fringing... well you get the idea, it's amazing. The colors are terrific and stay true even after washing and drying. I was one of the test artists for this product and am in the Kraft-tex Style book. Kraft-tex opens up a whole new way to create, you'll be happy that you gave it a crafty try.
By LaRae on August 15, 2018
This medium is so fun to work with. It is super strong and you cannot tear it. It is a polymer type paper that you can treat just like fabric. It can be washed & dried. It can be embossed & painted. You can even burn designs on it with a wood burning tool. Sews very easily & you can cut it easily with a rotary cutter or scissors. If you want to try something different, easy & fun...get some Kraft Tex today!