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Kraft-tex Style
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Filled with imaginative ideas to kick-start your kraft-tex creativity, you'll want to make every project in thia book! Learn how to create with Kraft-tex, the rugged paper that looks, feels, and wears like leather; sews, cuts, and washes just like fabric. Top designers come together to show you how to work with this exciting new material in this how-to book. Packed with inventive techniques anyone can master!
120 color pages.
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The first time I laid eyes on a roll of Kraft-tex, I was curious and intrigued. How cool to have access to a material that could be used as a replacement for vinyl or leather in terms of durability but with some added perks. Kraft-tex needs no special tools or skills to use. It readily accepts surface treatment or decoration from paint, ink, pencil, dye, shoe polish, paste wax, embossing tools, inkjet printer, you name it! Kraft-tex is also recyclable!

You can see why I was thrilled when the book Kraft-tex Style landed in our office. Here was a book dedicated to showing sewers the vast possibilities for this versatile material, including a wide array of patterns for home décor, bags, accessories, and some projects just for fun with all the tips and tricks for making the most of Kraft-tex. There is even a collection of projects at the end of the book designed specifically for using up left-over scraps.

Kraft-tex Style is the perfect springboard for trying out this new and exciting material. Dive in! It’s fun!