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Books » Longarm Quilting Workbook

Longarm Quilting Workbook
by Teresa Silva
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This comprehensive resource guides you through buying a long arm machine and accessories, quilting techniques, and various quilting motifs. 3 projects are included to help you practice your skills. Hardback, spiral bound.

Techniques: long-arm quilting
142 color pages.
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The first time I saw this book I knew I had to have it - and I don’t even own a longarm machine! The cover photo drew me in right away with its examples of eye-catching stitch motifs.

Chapter 1 is all about your first steps in purchasing a longarm machine. This gives you an overview of what longarm and mid-arm machines are, common features, and other considerations. The author also talks about different batting choices based on how it reacts to quilting and washing, threads, marking tools, and longarm rulers.

Chapter 2 is Motifs. You can quilt these designs freehand and can customize to fit pieced blocks.

Personally, I was inspired by chapter 3, Doodling and Drawing, and 4, Pieced Projects. These chapters give you great examples of whole-cloth motifs and motifs on pieced projects. Included are four whole-cloth practice projects and three pieced practice projects.

Chapter 5, Gallery of Quilts, is a compilation of quilts that showcase modern quilt design.

I think even those of us that don’t have a longarm machine will be inspired to try some of these designs on our projects using our home machines.