Patterns » Nordic Sweater Quilt Pattern Download
Patterns » Nordic Sweater Quilt Pattern Download

Nordic Sweater Quilt Pattern Download
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This gorgeous quilt will look awesome in any decor. So origninal and fun, this stylish modern quilt design is right on-trend, inspired by Nordic and Intarsia knitting styles. This quilt looks complicated but is quick and simple when following these detailed directions. Enjoy!
Skill level: intermediate.
74" x 82".
Item no. 11376D
By Jeanne on January 29, 2019
I am having real difficulty with this pattern and I have been quilting for 20 years. The pattern was incorrect in some of the cutting instructions, and I had to search online for pattern corrections. It also would have been helpful to have more information about measurements along the way as each row was constructed to help with insuring that the finished row would be the correct length. My rows were inconsistent lengths with one row being off by nearly an inch and a half. I’m not even sure whether I will be able to complete construction of this quilt at this point, which is disappointing, since I really like the quilt!