Books » Organizing Solutions for Every Quilter
Books » Organizing Solutions for Every Quilter

Organizing Solutions for Every Quilter
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A daily serving of tidy makes all the difference. This practical guide shows you how to organize and maintain your quilting space, no matter what size. Learn handy ways to sort and arrange all of your fabrics and supplies into easy-to-use stations, know what you've got and be able to access it.
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There are some really good ideas in this book. The organizational solutions range in cost from pennies to thousands of dollars, things you can accomplish now and aspirations for the future! After reading this I went straight to my sewing nook and implemented a few of the ideas. My strips are now neatly hanging from a multi-tier trouser hanger and my extra mats are hanging neatly from a single wooden trouser hanger. (My clothes closet is a mess now but really isn't my sewing area more important than dress pants I almost never wear?!) I also dug out a couple of glass jars for my floss and used the idea of empty plastic baby food containers (which my son is happy to supply me many of) to organize my sewing notions in my desk. I have a organizer hanging on the back of my pantry door but that will shortly be hanging with my scraps, organized by color, in it. Other easy ideas are using a magnetic knife holder for your scissors and rotary cutters and cup holder hooks for your rulers. These are all great for me because I have more wall space than floor space. In no time flat my sewing room is getting organized. Someday, in my dream house, I will have my own room and I will have the wire baskets Alex Anderson has, all of my fabric will be sorted by size and color, and I will have an old card catalog to hold my threads..Someday...