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Quilting by Design
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Discover your quilting potential with these free-motion designs to fit every space in your quilt. Use the patterns as they are, or learn how to use computer graphics technology from master quilter Jessica Schick to resize, print, and apply designs. Plus, receive expert tips to stabilize your projects before you quilt. There are choices for all types of quilters?print the designs any size you want; customize them for quilting by hand or with domestic, midarm, and longarm machines; or use the basic motifs with computer-guided longarm and embroidery machines. The 30 basic quilting motifs come in standard machine quilting and embroidery formats; all designs are available in the book and as PDFs on the included CD.

The 30 basic quilting motifs come in standard machine quilting and embroidery formats; all designs are available in the book and as PDFs on the included CD.

Techniques: reference, machine quilting, hand quilting

155 designs, 127 pgs.
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Quilting by Design by Jessica Schick is a unique quilting design book. The author, who says she has always drawn, spent years creating designs for screen printing and embroidery. She expanded her graphic design skills to include quilting designs for blocks, borders, setting triangles, and whole cloth quilts; the designs are sold through her online business Digi-Tech Designs. What Quilting by Design offers to the reader is an inside look at her design process, a book and CD with numerous lovely continuous-line designs, and the know-how to transfer, print, and alter those designs to fit a quilt, including making pantographs and allover quilting patterns from them!

Jessica Schick draws a core design element, and proceeds to repeat, resize, reposition, reflect, and combine the simple designs to make a variety of new designs. The book provides 155 designs arranged in 10 suites: Baroque Florals and Angels, Olive Leaves, Shaggy leaves, Fleur-de-lis, Imperial Leaves, Byzantine arches, Simply Loopy Leaves, Poppy Feathers, and Ornamental Leaves Scrolls.

Quilting by Design stands out because its CD has all 155 designs in PDF form. Readers can open the PDF in a graphic design software program (including two free online programs!), and manipulate the designs to fit the size and shape of sections of their quilt. Following her instructions, I easily and successfully downloaded a PDF and resized a design in Adobe Illustrator. Wait! There’s more! The 155 designs are also on the CD in the major formats used by computerized longarm machines and embroidery machines. The author also tells you how to select pantograph-friendly shapes that will interlock, be evenly spaced, have minimal backtracking, and begin and end on the same horizontal plane, and how to work with them in a computer design program to make printable pantographs. Perusing the book and CD, I found several interesting designs for a quilt top I want to quilt soon. I can audition the designs by scanning a photo of my quilt into the design program and superimpose each design to see which I prefer. Amazing! Quilting by Design is loaded with quilting designs, creative ideas, and clear instructions for using them in quilts. The book will provide expertise and inspiration to all types of quilters – whether they quilt by hand, domestic machine, or longarm.