Books » Stripology Mixology 3
Books » Stripology Mixology 3

Stripology Mixology 3
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This third book in the Stripology Mixology series is sure to keep you sewing.  You will find 14 great quilts in multiple sizes, made from the popular precut sizes: 10" squares, 5" squares, 2-1/2" strips and 1-1/2" strips. Gudrun gives you great instruction on how  to put your stash to work by cutting your own precut sizes, using half yard bundles and the Stripology rulers. Full color instructions for using all three Stripology rulers or regular rulers are included in the 96 page book, along with 12 delicious cocktail recipes. 
Quilts: Jewel, Strippy Stairways, Phoenix 2, Kimberly, Elvira 2, Ingrid, Tara, Katrina, Rosie, Criss Cross Double Toss, Inga, Crystal, Zoe, Bellatrix.
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