Books » Stunning Stitches For Crazy Quilts
Books » Stunning Stitches For Crazy Quilts

Stunning Stitches For Crazy Quilts
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Go stitch crazy! 480 unique crazy-quilt seams to embroider and embellish. Layer base seams with embroidery, silk ribbon, beads, and baubles for an extra punch. Trace five pages of full-size templates to stitch perfectly spaced crazy-quilt seams.
480 designs, 128 color pgs.
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A fantastic book for anyone wanting to add embroidery into their sewing projects. Stunning Stitches is a useful reference book, one you can open again and again to learn new techniques. Kathy Seaman Shaw walks us through basic thread stitches, then techniques incorporating silk ribbon and beading, and finally pulls it all together with a wide variety of embroidered seam designs. I particularly enjoyed the pages dedicated to creating embroidered flowers.