Tools » SureLight Table Lamp Quad Spectrum LED
Tools » SureLight Table Lamp Quad Spectrum LED

SureLight Table Lamp Quad Spectrum LED
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This table lamp is perfect for illuminating intricate crafting, hand work, and quilting. It features a flexible, adjustable gooseneck that lets you pivot the lamp head up, down, or side-to-side. Inside there is a built-in 6 watt LED that lasts for 20 years or 50,000 hours. There are five levels of brightness and it's fully dimmable: simply press and hold the dimmer button on the lamp head to vary the light intensity; when you've reached the desired ambient lighting, release the button. The "touch sensitive" light controls make it easy to adjust the color spectrum and the brightness easily. This table lamp also lets you control the color temperature: warm, natural white, cool white, and pure white. Not compatible with wall switches or timers.
  • Samsung LED technology
  • UL/CUL AC adaptor
  • Power: 6 watt
  • 180 degree adjustable head.
  • Protects the eyes. Natural and non-flickering light.
  • 1 year limited warranty.
  • Innovative dimming feature softens led light brightness.
  • Full spectrum light.
  • Never replace a burnt-out bulb.
  • "Memory" function: when the light is powered off normally it will remember the brightness setting from the previous use.
Please note: this electronic item may require an plug-in adapter if being used outside the US or Canada. We do not sell these adapters.
15" x 16" with 6-1/2" round weighted base, 2.5lbs.
Item no. 82349

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