Books » The 4" x 5" Quilt-Block Anthology
Books » The 4" x 5" Quilt-Block Anthology

The 4" x 5" Quilt-Block Anthology
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Gather your favorite reproduction fabrics and stitch magnificent 4" x 5" blocks! Enjoy trying your hand at a wide range of distinctly different quilt blocks--182 in all--from stunning yet simple blocks to intricate paper-pieced designs. Learn how to assemble your blocks into a one-of-a-kind sampler quilt using all 182 blocks.

Techniques: piecing, applique, English Paper Piecing
182 blocks, 208 color pgs.
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As a quilter and quilt designer, I am always drawn to quilt block books as a source of inspiration. The 4” x 5” Quilt Block Anthology by Carol Hopkins and Linda Koenig stands out as a unique addition to my quilt library because the blocks are a rectangular 4” wide and 5” tall. Many of the 182 blocks are recognizable as elongated versions of common blocks – others are less familiar. The blocks are shown in Civil War era fabrics but could be sewn in any style. Instructions are included for all the blocks including templates or paper-piecing patterns when needed.

The story behind the accumulation of the 182 blocks is interesting. The authors have been part of a quilt group for over 25 years; each year they have some type of block exchange. In 2015, the challenge was to make 4” x 5” blocks in Civil War reproduction fabrics in a palette of black, blue, red, and double pink. The quilters soon found they needed to modify traditional blocks or design their own. This book is a compilation of the blocks they shared and the various samplers made from the blocks. I am eager to add this book of unusual blocks to my collection and I think others will enjoy it as well.

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