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     Cutting Mats     
A necessity for today’s quilter, these self-healing cutting mats will provide you with years and years of service.

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Olfa Folding Cutting Mat

Olfa Folding Cutting Mat portable cutting mat $25.00 - $48.99   Up to 50% off
The FoldAway Mid Size

The FoldAway Mid Size Travel ironing and cutting mat $16.67 Retail: $27.79   40% off
Omnigrid Rotary Cutting Mats

Omnigrid Rotary Cutting Mats self-healing cutting mats $4.19 - $34.19   Up to 40% off

Round-About 3 Piece Set

Round-About 3 Piece Set Turntable base, gridded cutting surface and ironing surface 17" diameter $103.99 Retail: $129.99   20% off

Arrow Pixie Cutting Mat

Arrow Pixie Cutting Mat Pinnable Cutting Mat for the Pixie sewing quilting table. 59" x 36". FREE shipping. $99.99

Kangaroo Dingo Cutting Mat

Kangaroo Dingo Cutting Mat Pinnable cutting mat for the Dingo sewing and quilting cabinet. 40" x 46". FREE shipping. $89.00

Olfa Rotating Cutting Mats

Olfa Rotating Cutting Mats cut, rotate mat, and cut again $37.19 - $71.19   Up to 20% off
Dritz Easy Quilting Kit

Dritz Easy Quilting Kit by Dritz Quilting $16.19 Retail: $26.99   40% off