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A Guide to Beginner Tools
When quilters are first starting out, it's tremendously hard to know which tools you will need for quilting. You walk down the craft store aisles and it is easy to get overwhelmed by everything to look through and choose from. We want to make sure that the tool selection process is as simple and straight forward as possible for you. We've broken out all of the "essential" tools you'll need, and explained each tool's purpose and function. With these great items in tow, you'll be quilting away in no time.
Perfect Points and the Positioning Pin
Ann demonstrates how to use a positioning pin for making perfect points in quilt blocks.
Binding Basics - Part 5: Hand-Stitching the Binding to the Back
How to hand-stitch binding to the back of your quilt to finish it.
Binding Basics - Part 4: Attaching the Binding by Machine
How to attach the binding to the front of your quilt by machine.
Binding Basics - Part 3: Preparing the Quilt
How to prepare the edge of your quilt for adding binding.
Binding Basics - Part 2: Making the Binding
How to make cross-cut binding for quilts.
Binding Basics - Part 1: Introduction
An introduction to basic quilt binding.
How to install a zipper: Invisible & Lap
Bag & sewing pattern designer, Sue, demonstrates two different types of zipper installations.
This quilting tutorial includes video content This tutorial includes video content.
Chain Piecing 101
Learn how to use this simple time saving technique for quilt block piecing.
How to Sew an Accurate Quarter Inch Seam Allowance
Deborah demonstrates how to make sure you are sewing an accurate quarter inch seam, which is essential for quilt piecing.

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