Binding Basics - Part 3: Preparing the Quilt - How to prepare the edge of your quilt for adding binding.

How to Bind a Quilt Video - This tutorial will teach you how to sew a 1/4" double fold cross grain binding to your quilt.

Bumpless Binding Finishing Trick - This video demonstrates how to make that tricky last join in a binding look just as good as the first join.

Binding Basics - Part 1: Introduction - An introduction to basic quilt binding.

Binding Basics - Part 4: Attaching the Binding by Machine - How to attach the binding to the front of your quilt by machine.

Binding Basics - Part 5: Hand-Stitching the Binding to the Back - How to hand-stitch binding to the back of your quilt to finish it.

Binding Basics - Part 2: Making the Binding - How to make cross-cut binding for quilts.