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Wanderlust Quilts
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Travel the world without leaving your studio! Tour ancient Greece, Rome, and Israel by way of these gorgeous modern quilts designed from classical art and architecture, while you savor the stories and photos that inspired them. Infused with the mystery of the past, these timeless projects will help you grow as a quilter and move beyond the basics. Explore advanced techniques, including curved piecing, Y-seams, scalloped binding, and more.

Techniques: piecing
10 projects, 111 color pgs.
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For anyone who's ever traveled - even road trips - it's difficult to not associate certain things with the unique experiences of each trip. Amanda Leins fully encompasses the idea of bringing the experience of travel back home with her striking quilts. Utilizing gorgeous photography from her travels, Amanda tells lovely stories and her design inspiration from cobbles to beautiful ancient stairs to pair with her equally lovely quilt designs. I personally love the mix of intricate piecing with fresh colors to exude a modern, but universally approachable array of patterns. I know this book is going to be a resource for me when I am ready to challenge my piecing skills and make beautiful quilts.