Books » Yoko Saito's Houses, Houses, Houses!
Books » Yoko Saito's Houses, Houses, Houses!

Yoko Saito's Houses, Houses, Houses!
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Explore varying interpretations of quilted houses from one-dimensional designs to silhouettes. In addition to teaching you how to design your own house block, there are many projects from which to choose; including handbags, pouches, carry-all, tissue case, pencil case, and of course wall quilts.

Techniques: piecing, general sewing, hand stitching
34 projects, 111 pgs.
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I am enamored of Japanese taupes and a big fan of Yoko Saito! A visit to my quilt library will reveal several of her books on piecing and appliqué in her unique style. At a recent quilt show, I saw a stunning wall quilt with rows of houses in a village scene done in the neutral tones and Japanese fabrics the author uses. The total effect of the subtle colors and varied textures – both visual and physical – of the printed and hand-dyed woven fabrics and appliqué was so appealing! Houses are not a common design element in most piecing and appliqué books, so I was excited to review Yoko Saito’s houses. houses. houses!

Yoko Saito is a prolific quilter and author; houses. houses. houses! is another of her well-written, beautifully illustrated, and inspiring books. The first half shows page after page of house-themed quilted projects including free-standing houses, quilts of various sizes, place mats, pillows, and many unique and attractive purses and bags. The second half provides step-by-step photos of piecing and appliqueing houses and incorporating them into quilting projects. My favorite section shows how to design a house block from a photo so the house can be personalized from one’s own home or travels. Full-size patterns are included in the back of the book.

Someday, I hope to replicate my own small version of the gorgeous wall hanging I saw at the quilt show. I am collecting the Japanese taupe fabrics – and now I have a resource for the houses! Any quilter who enjoys the work of Yoko Saito, the subtle attraction of Japanese taupes, pictorial quilts, and beautiful applique, will be inspired by houses. houses. houses!