Books » Amish Quilts The Adventure Continues
Books » Amish Quilts The Adventure Continues

Amish Quilts The Adventure Continues
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You can't go wrong with bold graphic designs made with solid fabrics. This fabulous collection features some very traditional Amish quilts as well as those with a more modern feel, all with magnificent quilting. Follow the directions to make your own keepsake quilt.

Techniques: piecing
21 projects – 128 color pgs..
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Amish Quilts: The Adventure Continues features twenty-one quilts by various designers, all influenced to varying degrees by Amish quilts. The gallery of quilts includes a few true Amish quilts made by Amish quilters, with simple piecing, solid fabrics, no appliqué, and lavish hand quilting. Other sections run the gamut from In the Style of the Amish (made by non-Amish quilters following the same guidelines) to Inspired by the Amish, Capturing the Essence of the Amish, Beyond Amish, and Amish Gone Modern. The geometric qualities, graphic impact, strong contrasts, and lots of negative space in Amish-style quilts are particularly appealing to modern quilting movement.

The Introduction is written by Roberta Horton who is the author of An Amish Adventure: A Workbook for Color in Quilts, which was C&T Publishing's first book thirty years ago! I enjoyed her discussion of the regional differences among Amish quilts and the concepts of sparkle, glow, and fade out. Also interesting were the quilts and their stories by other contributors to the book, all inspired in some way by Amish quilts, and many by Roberta Horton's book long ago. I especially related to their observations about the use of bold colors, strong contrast, the interplay of adjacent colors, and the positive effect on artistic expression and creativity when limitations are imposed. This book is a welcome addition to my collection of Amish quilts books - and will be to your quilt library as well.