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Bring the celestial sky into your patchwork quilting thanks to this book inspired by the constellations. Included are instructions for assembling 12 astrological blocks and turning those designs into projects ranging from quilts to jackets!

Techniques: piecing, embroidery, general sewing

12 blocks, 8 projects, 80 color pages Item No. 46610

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Constellations is great project book or gift for the star obsessed quilter. I really loved that this book began with clear instructions and diagrams for each block in the constellation, including fabric suggestions and embroidery tips. The projects that incorporate these blocks also had a nice range from a full constellation quilt to jackets, bags, and tea towels. Clean, modern, and concise, this book will help guide you through any constellation block project you want to learn and teach a few handy tips to make your final project sparkle like the stars. I cannot wait to finish my first constellation project.

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