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Books » Circular Quilting Designs

Circular Quilting Designs
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Add grace and movement to your quilting designs. Follow the complete directions on how to use the patterns in various sizes, and Helen's special hints on using circular quilt designs.

Techniques: quilting
25 designs - 32 color pgs..
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Helen Squire, the author of many quilting books, has long been a wonderful resource for quilting designs. In Circular Quilting Designs, she focuses on circular-style designs and background grids. The author thinks of these lovely designs as the "whipped cream of quilting" because they easily highlight plain blocks, without seam allowances, such as the center of a Snowball block. Many of the designs are suited to hand quilting, with a few continuous-line patterns included. The section on Quilting Decisions emphasizes the importance of preplanning the quilting based on the fabric, size of each piece, and how seam allowances are pressed. The "How to Use the Patterns" section includes 27 patterns, 3 grids, placement diagrams, and directions for centering, reversing, enlarging, and turning corners with designs. My favorite part was the discussion of clockwise versus counter-clockwise designs and when to use each. When a custom design, and not an allover, is needed to honor a quilt, Circular Quilting Designs provides several quilting choices to enhance a stunning quilt.