Books » Civil War Legacies III
Books » Civil War Legacies III

Civil War Legacies III
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Immerse yourself in a bygone era and create your own piece of Americana. Featuring simple block styles designed to showcase nineteenth-century reproduction fabrics, try Carol Hopkins' hand-quilting technique or put your machine-sewing skills to exquisite use.

Techniques: piecing, quilting
16 projects, 80 color pgs.
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Civil war quilts are a passion for me. I love the fabrics as the colors and prints take me to a place of wonder and awe imagining how life was during that era. The stresses of the times, the make-do attitude of the women, and the clever way in which they found to make quilts is admirable. I’m so happy this segment of our quilting history is being kept alive so we will always be reminded of the strength, courage, and sacrifice that built our country.

The designs from this book are all small, ranging from doll to baby size and very easy to create a project in a day or two. I have a wall dedicated to small quilts and the quilts in this book will be added to them. It’s so easy to decorate with smaller quilts. I can tell you that you will have a difficult time deciding which quilt to start making first! They are all wonderful!!!