Hello Sunshine was the winner of our popular fabric design contest that was held last August. Virginia Odien's designs are a playful and whimsical mix of cheerful birds, windblown dots, tablecloth checkers, and flowers. This fabric collection reminds us of the joys of spring when we see the buds forming on the trees, feel the wind gently blowing on our faces, and dry our clean laundry outside in the sun. Hello Sunshine is perfect for anyone looking to add a touch of happiness and cheer into their home.


Quilting Cotton 3898
Mirage (Clover)
Mirage Clover $6.96 / yd

Quilting Cotton 3904
Closeout! Solid (Apricot)
Solid Apricot $4.16 / yd Retail: $5.96   30% off

Quilting Cotton 3914
Closeout! Solid (Butter)
Solid Butter $4.48 / yd Retail: $5.96   25% off

Quilting Cotton 3947
Closeout! Solid (Sky)
Solid Sky $4.48 / yd Retail: $5.96   25% off

Quilting Cotton 3949
Closeout! Solid (Sprout)
Solid Sprout $4.48 / yd Retail: $5.96   25% off

Quilting Cotton 3967
Closeout! Solid (French Blue)
Solid French Blue $4.48 / yd Retail: $5.96   25% off