Seascape Berry
Color Wheel Solids

75 gorgeous colors on

ultra-premium quilting cotton

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Berry Sunset
Color Wheel Solids

We are so excited to introduce our color wheel solids!

Our clever color experts hand-picked each of these 75 shades to give quilters the ultimate experience in matching, coordinating, and creating color gradients. You can choose different wedges or rounds of the color wheel to get the perfect set of shades that are guaranteed to work together beautifully.

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Watch the sun dip below the horizon with this warm, fiery selection of colors. Sizzling warm reds, deep burgandy, blazing oranges, and golden yellows evoke the colors of a spectacular sunset.


Step into a cool mountain forest with these fresh, natural hues. Teal blues reminiscent of a cold mountain stream meet dark moss, gleaming fern, springy yellow-greens, and calming pine.


Dive into this oceanic array of color! Mysterious dark blues progress to bright Caribbean aquas and crisp sky blues.

Berry Patch

Burst into bloom with this floral selection of colors! Lush grapes and bright, cheerful poeony pinks balance out the delicate lilacs and violets of this group.


Hike above the treeline into an earthy, starkly neutral world with this array of shades. Ranging from coal to granite to light slate grey, to warm browns and tans, finally ascending into snowy white peaks.