Tools » Creative Grids Machine Quilting Tool - Slim
Tools » Creative Grids Machine Quilting Tool - Slim

Creative Grids Machine Quilting Tool - Slim
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Want to master machine quilting with rulers but not sure where to start? It's time for you to meet Slim, your new home machine quilting best friend. Angela Walters, machine quilting author and teacher, designed Slim with you in mind! This versatile ruler is the perfect way to finally get comfortable using rulers while machine quilting.
Creative Grids grip helps prevent your ruler from slipping; black and white dashed guide lines are visible on all fabric colors; thin enough to work in any size throat space; curved edges allow for versatile designs; the perfect length...just long enough to quilt lines in any direction without being cumbersome.
Use it for:
stitching in seams, echoing, crosshatching, parallel lines, geometric machine quilting, border designs and more!

Requires a quilting ruler foot.
2" x 7", 1/4" thick.
Item no. 82638

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