Tools » Daylight Wafer 3 Lightbox
Tools » Daylight Wafer 3 Lightbox

Daylight Wafer 3 Lightbox
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At just over 1/4" thick, this sleek lightbox makes a great addition to any creative studio or sewing space. With a tracing area of 18" x 23-1/2", the Wafer 3 Lightbox features dimmable LEDs which provide an even spread of light from edge to edge, with very low heat. When powered off between tracing sessions, the Wafer will return to the last used brightness setting, so you can choose to maintain a favorite light intensity throughout your project. The Wafer is ideal for quilting, embroidery, sewing, calligraphy, stencilling, scrap-booking, embossing, and much more.
18" x 23-1/2".
Item no. 82746