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Hobbs Tuscany Supreme Unbleached Cotton Batting
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Hobbs thickest and most cuddly cotton batting yet is especially designed to give a soft hand and even appearance. Exceptionally plush and easy to quilt by machine, this batting is made with only the finest cotton fibers of clean, unbleached, long-staple virgin cotton. Containing no scrim or binders, this 100% cotton product is lightly needle punched to resist bunching and shifting. Specifically designed to be used with medium or dark colored fabrics. If used with white or very light fabrics, this unbleached cotton can slightly darken the light colors. This batting should be quilted 3-4 inches apart and will shrink 4-6% after washing, resulting in a quilt with antique puckering. Please note: the closer and more densely you stitch this batting, the less shrinkage you'll experience.

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