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Indigo Quilts
by Kay and Lori Lee Triplett
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The beauty of Indigo quilts is undeniable. Explore the origins of the fiber and fabric presented by two members of the American Quilt Study Group. Step inside the Poos Collection of quilts, one of the largest privately held collections in the world. Featuring stunning quilts circa 1750 to 1890. Get inspired and make one of the gorgeous quilt projects using present day Indigo or reproduction fabrics.

Techniques: piecing
5 projects, 120 color pgs.
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Indigo Quilts by Kay and Lori Lee Triplett, a wonderful reference for learning about indigo fabrics, is divided into three sections: the history of indigo, quilts from the Poos Collection, and projects using indigo fabrics. Indigo can refer to a dye, a process, and a type of fabric.

First, there is an informative and beautifully illustrated section on the history of indigo dyes and techniques for making indigo resists. Indigo, known in Africa since the Stone Age, was used in past centuries in India and Europe, spread to the Americas in the colonial period, and is still popular today.

Second, the book includes a Quilt Album of 30 indigo quilts from the Poos Collection, one of the largest privately owned quilt collections in the world - curated and managed by the authors. It is known for its pre-1860 quilts and worldwide textile collection. The predominately blue and white quilts, all from the 1800s, show an impressive variety of traditional quilt blocks and degree of skill. The authors’ historical notes on each quilt’s fabrics, construction, and quilting are enlightening.