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Books » Machine-Quilting Idea Book

Machine-Quilting Idea Book
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Welcome to a machine-quilting book like no other. It's a helpful guide to machine-quilting designs for a dozen classic quilt blocks! No guessing, no stressing--these 61 designs show you exactly how to quilt specific blocks, and you choose the challenge. With four to six ways to quilt each block, you'll find machine-quilting designs for beginners, advanced quilters, and everyone in between. Start with an introduction to basic tools, supplies, and best practices. Then jump right in with color-coded illustrations that tell you which path to follow and when. Yes, you can quilt it--begin with any of the blocks below and Vicki Ruebel will show you how!
61 designs, 96 color pgs.
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Machine-Quilting Idea Book is a great reference of quilting designs. There are 12 commonly used blocks with four to six quilting designs for each block, 61 designs in total. The designs are rated from easiest, adventurous, and most intricate. She goes over all the basics including marking the designs, thread, ruler quilting, and an overview of quilting designs. I love that there are various designs shown for each block. For me the hardest part of quilting is coming up with a good design. This book will be really helpful.