Books » Revised Patchwork Minus Mathwork
Books » Revised Patchwork Minus Mathwork

Revised Patchwork Minus Mathwork
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Whether you enjoy math or absolutely cringe at the thought of working with figures, you'll love this book. All of the tedious mathematical work has been done sot that you can more quickly decide how much fabric and batting to purchase for your patchwork quilts. You will find information that will help you plan a quilt, choose the size and number of blocks, figure yardage and more.
Techniques: quilt planning
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A rather interesting book, Patchwork Minus Mathwork helps you to plan your quilt pattern and figure out your yardage requirements so you are prepared on shopping trips!  If math is a bugger for you, this is the best book for the buck.  The planning section helps you to figure out your pattern piece layout option.  The book is a wealth of information on such things as common quilt and bed sizes, block layouts, figuring yardages, batting and binding. It even gives you metric conversion charts!  What a book!  Definitely a must for the reference users!  It certainly will be found in my library!