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     Quilting Thimbles     
Protect your fingertips and stitch for hours in comfort.


ThimblePad reusable adhesive finger thimbles $6.41 Retail: $8.01   20% off

Aunt Becky's Finger Saver

Aunt Becky's Finger Saver hand-quilting tool $4.00 Retail: $5.00   20% off

Protect and Grip Thimble

Protect and Grip Thimble rubber thimble with metal tip $7.16   Up to 20% off

Thimble Pack Plus

Thimble Pack Plus thimble variety pack $8.90 Retail: $11.13   20% off

Adhesive Replacements

Adhesive Replacements thimble adhesive replacements $2.66 Retail: $3.33   20% off

Open Sided Thimbles

Open Sided Thimbles open tip thimble $8.80   Up to 20% off


UltraThimble stainless steel fingertip shield $7.11 Retail: $8.89   20% off


Poke-A-Dots adhesive thimble dots $10.50

Needle Puller

Needle Puller silicone needle puller $3.99   Up to 20% off

Needle Grip-It 2

Needle Grip-It 2 needle grippers $5.54 Retail: $6.92   20% off