Schmetz Quilting Sewing Machine Needles

With a special taper to the point, designed to prevent damage to sensitive, expensive materials used in quilting.

The size 75 needles are ideal for piecing, and
the size 90 are perfect for quilting.

Each package contains five needles of the size.

NEW! Schmetz machine sewing needles are being replaced with a color coding system for easy identification.

The top color band indicates the needle type, and the lower color band indicates the needle size.

Please note: Schmetz Universal, Hemstitch, Double Eye, and Quick Threading needles will have only one color band to identify needle size.

Download your free printable PDF here!

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  Item No. Product Description Your Cost Retail Add
80482 Pkg. of 5  · Size 90/14   20% off $3.99 $4.99
80861 Pkg. of 5  · Size 75/11   20% off $3.99 $4.99