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Westalee Design Ruler Foot Only
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Domestic Quilting Ruler Foot allows you to free motion quilt on any domestic sewing machine, along with Westalee templates. This foot makes the impossible possible on any domestic sewing machine. The style of foot varies depending on your machine.

If you do not know which shank size your machine requires, all you need to do is lower your foot and then measure the height of the center of the hole for the screw from the needle plate. We offer 3 different foot sizes and 2 different thicknesses of templates for domestic machines based on shank height. Please always indicate machine make and model so we can confirm we are sending you the correct foot.
Low and medium shank feet are designed to work with Westalee templates 3mm thick. High shank feet work with 4.5mm templates.

Available in: High Shank, Medium Shank, and Low Shank. Not available for High Shank Special, Slant Shanks or Longarm quilting machines. Bernina users need a #77 shank adapter to use this.

Please specify BRAND and MODEL of your machine. Or, call Customer Service at 1-800-574-6454.

Please Note: This item will be shipped to your home directly from the manufacturer and will arrive in approx. 2-3 weeks. If you are ordering other items they will be shipped by our standard shipping method and should arrive within our normal shipping time. Sorry, only available to ship to the US & Canada.There are no returns on these products. Not available for Singer slant-shank machines. Call Customer Service at 1-800-574-6454 and specify BRAND and MODEL. Note: Not available for Slant Shanks.
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