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Designing More Quilts
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The first EQ8 quilt design book was so popular, they decided to create a second one! This book will teach you to design quilts like the professionals! Follow the step-by-step lessons to create eight extraordinary quilts. You will be drawing blocks based on photos, designing a quilt with digital fabric panels, using a mathematical formula and special layouts to create amazing optical illusions, and so much more! Use the knowledge from the techniques you learn and make each quilt your own. After going through these lessons, you'll feel like a quilt-designing genius!

It is not necessary to have the EQ8 Designing Quilts book before purchasing the EQ8 Designing More Quilts book. They are independent of each other and offer unique content and techniques.
This 136-page fully illustrated book has a convenient spiral binding that allows pages to rotate 360 degrees and lie flat. Written for EQ8 Windows and Mac users.
8 projects, 136 color pages, spiral bound.
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EQ8 Designing More Quilts is a continuation of the original EQ8 Designing Quilts. You do not need to have the first book in order to use this book. These quilt designs are brand new and teach you additional techniques. There are eight different chapters, each written by a different quilt designer. All the designers have different styles, so you are shown a very different quilt, with variations, in each section. There is a modern layout, a quilt with orphan blocks, using a picture as inspiration to design a quilt, a panel quilt, and more. I am really intrigued by Chapter 4, Creating an Optical Illusion with a Fibonacci Perspective. It is a quilt with an optical effect that mimics a curved surface. I can't wait to get started designing!