Needle Turn Applique Stitch

by Karen Johnson

This segment is focused on how to perform needle turn appliqué.

Why Needle Turn Appliqué? This is one of the most traditional methods of appliqué. It's quite portable, and requires very little prep. But it does take practice! To see how to prep your pieces, see my instructions at the end of my Turned Edge Prep segment.


Thread? Needle size? There are as many opinions on hand appliqué needles as there are appliqué teachers! Some teachers recommend using betweens, because you have a very fine shaft, and tiny eye, and greater control. Personally, my hands are too big for betweens! My personal preference is Roxanne's Appliqué needles. Still others like using Gold Eye needles, for easier threading. Since this is such a personal preference, check out our full selection of needles. Thread? I love using silk thread for this hand work. It's 100 wt, so it's quite fine. I've also loved Madeira's Cotona 80 weight thread, but it's more difficult to find, and comes in limited colors.