How to Use a Rotary Cutter

Rotating Cutting Mat Video

Hand Sewing Needles 101 - Judy teaches us all about hand sewing needles, so you can pick the right needle for your project.

Binding Basics - Part 3: Preparing the Quilt - How to prepare the edge of your quilt for adding binding.

How to Tie a Quilt Tutorial - Complete step by step lessons on how to hand tie your quilts. Great for beginners!

How to Bind a Quilt Video - This tutorial will teach you how to sew a 1/4" double fold cross grain binding to your quilt.

To Prewash or Not to Prewash? - Should you prewash your quilting fabrics? Deborah explains the pros and cons of prewashing and not prewashing.

Beginner Log Cabin Block

How to install a zipper: Invisible & Lap - Bag & sewing pattern designer, Sue, demonstrates two different types of zipper installations.

Bumpless Binding Finishing Trick - This video demonstrates how to make that tricky last join in a binding look just as good as the first join.

A Guide to Batting - Teri teaches us all about the different types of batting available, and how to choose the right batting for a project.

Nine Patch Lesson 2: Speed Strip Quilting for a Baby quilt

Nine Patch Lesson 1: Basic Piecing with Charms - The nine patch block is great for beginners! In this lesson, we'll use pre cut 5" charm squares and demonstrate the basics for assembling a nine patch block.

Intro to Half Square Triangles

Binding Basics - Part 1: Introduction - An introduction to basic quilt binding.

Perfect Points and the Positioning Pin - Ann demonstrates how to use a positioning pin for making perfect points in quilt blocks.

Binding Basics - Part 4: Attaching the Binding by Machine - How to attach the binding to the front of your quilt by machine.

What is a Fat Quarter? - Confused by quilting jargon? This tutorial explains the difference between different standard cuts of quilting fabric, including fat quarters, fat eighths, sweet sixteens, and more.

Quilt As You Go! - Join Teri and Karen as they demonstrate how to quilt your project as you go. When you're done piecing your quilt top, the quilting is finished!

Binding Basics - Part 5: Hand-Stitching the Binding to the Back - How to hand-stitch binding to the back of your quilt to finish it.

Log Cabin - Assembling your quilt top

Intro to the Log Cabin block

Machine Sewing Needles 101 - Judy explains the differences between machine needles and what they are used for.

How to Sew Throw Pillow Covers - How to sew a 16" round throw pillow cover, and a 20" square throw pillow cover.

How to Sew an Accurate Quarter Inch Seam Allowance - Deborah demonstrates how to make sure you are sewing an accurate quarter inch seam, which is essential for quilt piecing.

Chain Piecing 101 - Learn how to use this simple time saving technique for quilt block piecing.

A Guide to Thread - Teri explains the different kinds of thread available to quilters, to help you pick the right thread for the job.

How to Pick the Right Quilting Design for Your Quilt - Long arm quilter and Connecting Threads pattern designer, Mari, guides you through choosing a quilting design for your quilt top.

Pressing Tip - There are as many opinions on how to press a quilt block as there are quilters! Karen Johnson demonstrates her favorite method. Excellent for beginner quilters!

Machine Quilting Basics - Sharla gives an overview of how to quilt your projects on your home sewing machine, and offers her tips & tricks.

How to Tie a Quilt Tutorial Video

Binding Basics - Part 2: Making the Binding - How to make cross-cut binding for quilts.

Machine Quilting with Golden Threads paper - How to machine quilt using Golden Threads Quilting Paper with step-by-step photos.