Techniques & Blocks

Inspiration - Log Cabin layouts

by Karen Johnson

If you like to design, or have thought about designing your own quilts, or you tend to modify every pattern you buy, then this is exactly the right place for you! I'll show you the block I used and the resulting possible layout(s). As an added bonus, these quilt layouts were designed in EQ6 (Electric Quilt, version 6). If you own EQ6, you can download our files here and modify them to your hearts content. Of course, I've shown them in Connecting Threads fabrics, but you can design your quilts in any fabric, including from your stash. I used our Quilter's Candy, including Solid, Mirage and a few batiks thrown in for good measure.

Keep in mind these are not patterns, there are no instructions. This is for the adventurer within. If you prefer to only follow a specific pattern with instructions, this might not be for you and you could check out our kits with patterns.


We'll begin with the most traditional standard Log Cabin block. In the next 7 layouts, the same block is used, with different coloring. This should give you an idea of how versatile this simple block can be.

Below left - Straight setting, Below right - Fields and Furrows

Below left - Sunshine and Shadows, Below Right - Barn Raising

Below - Chevron


Here's one example of what you can do if you combine two different colorings of the same standard Log Cabin:


In this version of the standard Log Cabin, I kept one side plain and alternated colors on the opposite side for an interesting effect.


The Half Log Cabin block is equally versatile.

For this version (below), I used the same block, but changed the beginning corner square to red instead of yellow for a pinwheel effect.


Here's another Half Square Log Cabin, with less rows and a chunkier appearance.


The Twisted Log Cabin gives the appearance of curves. There is no end to the variations you can make with color changes!


And finally, my favorite, the Pineapple Log Cabin block. Here is the same block, with the same colors, just reversed. The finished layout looks so different!


Here's the same block again, using only two colors.


This variation of the Pineapple Log Cabin block has equally distributed sections. Can you see the difference between this one and the one above? In the version above, there is a distinctive arrow design immerging that is narrower.


Finally, here is a Half Pineapple Log Cabin with lots of color! LOVE it!

I hope you enjoyed this bit of inspiration. Go forth and design!