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Yo Yo's - two methods

by Karen Johnson

Yo-Yo's - the nifty quick way!

You may have seen Clover's Yo-Yo Maker, but you may not have seen how it works. Deb is here to demonstrate in a video how to use this nifty tool.

Once you've mastered this shape, you can try your hand at lots of different sizes and shapes:


Yo-Yo's - the traditional way!

If you're a traditionalist, or just don't want another gadget, you can make yo-yo's the old fashioned way, with just needle, thread and fabric. Here's another video from Deb to show you how. She'll be making a 1-3/4" finished yo-yo by beginning with a 4" circle of fabric.

Here's the formula for figuring out what size fabric circle to cut:

Finished yo-yo x 2, plus 1/2" = size circle to cut. I'll break it down now:

  • Finished size measurement of your yo-yo (ours is 1 3/4")
  • 1 3/4" x 2 = 3 1/2"
  • Add 1/2" to this number, 3 1/2" + 1/2" = 4"
  • This is the size of the fabric circle to begin.

Keep in mind you don't even need a formula. Instead, you can decide your finished size by deciding on your template. Your template can be anything you can trace around - a small bowl, a plastic lid, a large drinking glass - any circle will do. Just use the same template for all the yo-yo's in your project so they all turn out the same - they will be slightly smaller than half of the beginning circle.

What do you do with them?
Awhile back, Deb made a project with teeny tiny yo-yo's (made the old fashioned way) stitched into a mini quilt - it about drove her crazy! But the results were oh-so-cute! See below. She simply whip stitched them together.

You can also string them together in a stack for doll arms and legs.

Or lay them side by side and whip stitch 2-4 stitches to create a quilt top of any style you like. No backing is required because there are no raw edges showing, but you can add a backing if you like.

They are also excellent for embellishing - totes, pincushions, artist trading cards, you name it!

Here is a link to our QuiltWithUs photo page featuring yo-yo's that our members have made - maybe you'll be inspired!