Techniques & Blocks

Nine Patch Inspiration

by Karen Johnson

Keep in mind these are not patterns, there are no instructions. This is for the adventurer within. If you prefer to only follow a specific pattern with instructions, this might not be for you. However, if you like to design, or have thought about designing your own quilts, or you tend to modify every pattern you buy, then this is exactly the right place for you! We'll provide the finished block size we used, the quilt size and any other details to help you get your creative juices flowing!

As an added bonus, each of these quilt layouts were designed in EQ6 (Electric Quilt, version 6). If you own EQ6, you can download our files here and modify them to your hearts content. We've left off outer border measurements below, because you'll want to do your own thing. Of course, we've shown them in Connecting Threads fabrics, but you can design your quilts in any fabric, including from your stash.

Get ready to be inspired:

Red Romance

Shown in our Firecracker collection.

Measures 44" x 56". Block measures 9" finished with 2 borders. One of the most traditional nine patch layouts!


Window Panes

Shown in our Antoinette collection.

Same exact layout, just slightly softer colors. Measures 44" x 56". Block measures 9" finished with 2 borders. Make this any size, but smaller becomes an instant baby shower gift!


Sweet 'n Scrappy

Shown in scrappy 30s Mama's Cotton II

Same exact layout, just making each block from a different color. Measures 44" x 56". Block measures 9" finished with 2 borders. Great way to use up scraps!


To the Point

Shown in Sweet & Sour

Measures 52" x 61". This is a 6" finished block, turned on point for a completely different effect. We added 2 borders, but audition it to decide for yourself.


To the Point Redux

Shown in Sweet & Sour

This exactly the same layout, but we replaced the inner yellow plain blocks with the opposite color. See what you can do when you play with color placement?!

Measures 52" x 61". This is a 6" finished block, turned on point.


Soft and Sweet

Featured in our Antoinette collection.

Measures approx 58 1/2" x 67". Believe it or not, this is the same layout as To the Point, but we made the outer border wide, and used the outer border in the setting triangles. The nine patch blocks appear to float into the border print. This makes excellent use of large focal fabrics!


Bold and Beautiful

Featured in Mama's Cottons II and Impressions of Kyoto.

Measures approx. 49 1/2" x 55 1/4". Nine patch block is 6" finished and turned on point. This is the same layout as To the Point, but we added more blocks and extended the border color into the setting triangles AND one row in of the plain blocks. Playing with color is so much fun!


Dolly's Quilt

Shown in a scrappy 30s,Mama's Cottons II

Measures approx 22" x 22". 4" scrappy nine patch blocks are turned on point. We added a border using up even more scraps - border blocks are 1 1/8" x 1 1/2" and corner border blocks are 1 1/2" x 1 1/2".


Dolly's Other Quilt

Shown in a scrappy 30s, like Mama's Cottons II

Measures approx 20 1/2" x 20 1/2". Uses a scrappy 4" nine patch block with 1/2" sashing. We added a small 1" border as well.


Checkerboard Strippy

Measures 52" x 69". Uses two different 9" nine patch blocks. One has the dark brown on the outer corners and center, the other has the lighter blue on the outer colors and the center. We added 1" skinny sashings to set off the checkerboard and two 7 1/2" wide sashings to finish it off.



Play with Color!

You've probably noticed that with all the layouts you've seen so far, we've kept the nine patch block pretty simple. Either entirely scrappy or in the traditional checkerboard layout. Now we get a little adventerous with color changes within the block.

Here's a basic nine patch block, 9" finished. Notice we took the center block and made a teeny nine patch! Then we played with color within the block. This is just one of thousands of configurations you could use with color:

Double Nine Patch block

Now watch what happens when you take several of these blocks and turn them into different positions. This entire quilt is made up of this one color configuration1

Powder Puffs

Featured in Antoinette our collection.

Measures approx 64" x 82". Uses a 9" finished Double Nine Patch block. We added two small borders.


Beaded Curtain

Featured in Antoinette our collection.

Measures approx 36" x 44 1/2". Uses a 6" finished Double Nine Patch block, set on point. We repositioned each Double Nine Patch block so the darkest color was running down the quilt. Great for bold prints that contrast well.



Featured in After Hours.

Measures approx. 53" x 65 1/2". This time we went back to the plain ole' nine patch block, but moved away from the traditional color setting. Using all the red prints from After Hours, we made scrappy blocks with white running diagonally down the block. For the four corner blocks, we rearranged the red prints again, so the white formed a corner. See the block color layout below.

White Diagonal setting


White Corner setting